Soil enrichment and transformation through chicken composting



Three Sons Farm


May 14, 2016


Raul Jaquez
Nicholas Jaquez


Our Infinity Chickens mimic a natural ecosystem. Plant material is added to the system, the chickens eat what they want and the rest is broken down by bacteria and insects and returned to the soil. These chickens are hard workers, we only feed them with things that you would add to your compost.  


What it takes:



Infrastructure. This system utilizes a chicken tractor, a moveable fence, and a modular compost bin. 



An intensive management system. This system is far from autonomous, it requires a daily input of plant material, a weekly move of the tractor and compost bin, turning of compost piles, as well as egg collection. The end result of this handwork is high quality eggs and compost at no monetary cost to us except for labor and infrastructure. 



Community support. There is no way that our kitchen alone can supply our flock with enough food to survive, which is why we have to rely on restaurants, produce stands and other resources to provide the food necessary for our flock to thrive.