Our free-range layers are more than just a square footage requirement



Three Sons Farm


May 25, 2016


Kathleen Jaquez


Excellent living conditions make happy chickens and happy chickens make high quality eggs. Our chickens live in a large deep bedding pen with a nesting coop and a roosting coop. We then use moveable electric poultry netting to allow our chickens to free range in a different spot each week. While they are in their current spot of the pasture, the other sections are growing and recovering so that in the coming weeks they can be ready for the chickens to enjoy. 


What it takes:



A deep bedding pen which should include: a secure roosting area that the flock can be locked in at night, and a nesting area that is dark and not on the ground. The roosting area should be locked up at night to prevent any nocturnal predators from damaging your flock.



A movable fence. We use electric poultry netting and we move it to a different spot each week and the flock has access to it during the day. We move the fence in a circular motion around the shelter so that they only get access to a small portion each week and it gives the other areas time to recover and grow.